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Pattenburg School House - Home Restoration
Easton House - Home Restoration

Vintage Home Restoration and Long-Lasting Exterior Work

Count on VINTAGE HOME RENOVATIONS LLC in Clinton, New Jersey, for period historical  restoration and exterior remodeling services. We specialize in restoring old houses, historical buildings, as well as post and beam homes. By collaborating with talented architects, designers, and engineers, we plan and successfully restore period homes and buildings to their original character and detail.

Matching the Original Woodwork

Grace your home's exterior with hand-carved pillars and intricately designed woodwork. We restore the facade of your old property to match its original architectural style and era by using period wood and glass.

Embellish Your Home's Exterior

Spruce up the look of your home's exterior by embellishing it with beautifully crafted wood or vinyl siding, glass windows, and shutters. When you have missing spindles inside and outside your home, we can duplicate them for you. We also provide the following exterior work:

• Custom Millwork
• Detailed Molding and Carpentry
• Siding

• Windows and Doors
• Painting
• Threshold Replacements

Historical Beam Restoration

Repairing and replacing of the beams. 

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home restoration and other remodeling services.